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                                           LATEST NEWS- PLEASE CHECK IT OUT 

    Well 2017 has begun and Adrian's newest book now published . 

    THE SHADOW DOCTOR.                      

    Check out BOOKS for more details.  The Shadow Doctor

    Including how to get a signed copy sent directly to you.

    we can't believe that the OUT OF HIS HEAD TOUR HAS FINSHED!! We had such fun working with Searchlight theatre and are very excited that we can repeat the performance at the Edinburgh  Fringe this summer. Maybe we will be doing some more performances later in the year so f you are interested do get in touch. 

    Right now we are in Budapest. We have just taken part in a weekend with SDG and are doing two performances with Hermatt publishing house. Budapest is amazing! 

    Next events are not until June so do check the schedule to see what we are up to.

    And watch this space- a feature film is shortly to be released based on Adrian's book SILVER BIRCHES . You can find out more at