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    When my first book appeared in 1987 I was frankly amazed and delighted that anyone would want to exchange their hard-earned cash for stuff that had come out of my head. Thirty years later I am just as amazed and even more delighted that this trend continues.

    In 2017 we shall be celebrating three decades of writing and performing with our show ‘OUT OF HIS HEAD’, featuring my wife Bridget and myself, together with Searchlight Theatre Company, the brilliant David Robinson and Michael Taylor. The show will include readings, poetry and dramatisations from many of the books that have appeared since those early days, including a newly published novel, THE SHADOW DOCTOR, exploring new perspectives on the ingenious working of the Holy Spirit in ordinary people’s lives. In many ways this encapsulates my own journey (and that of many others) from a superficial and ultimately disappointing experience of faith, to a new and hard-won understanding of what it might mean to follow Jesus. 

    Lots of memories. Lots of laughs. Lots of chat. Lots to think about.   

    The tour is sponsored by World Vision and there will be an appeal on their behalf before the interval.  

    Be great to see you there.


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